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Tifa Vs Daisy round 1 by WorldofSolgamia
Tifa Vs Daisy round 1
Click to vote! >…
Another Sony Vs Nintendo poll has started up!
Original Lara Vs Peach is running here! > Lara Vs Peach 4 by WorldofSolgamia

In this poll we have Nintendo's second lady of gaming and underrated Princess Daisy, and she is up against Playstation's final Fantasy bombshell herself, Tifa!

Who will win the first poll, it's down to your votes!
Tifa Vs Daisy, round 1 >…
19 deviants said Playstation's Tifa Lockhart
10 deviants said Nintendo's Princess Daisy
Corrupted rosalina by WorldofSolgamia
Corrupted rosalina
Commissioned by :iconclanbob:

Normal version > Rosalina

Story by Clanbob

Rosalina's Story

Rosalina stood in her observatory looking out into the vastness of space that was her kingdom. Everything she saw, the Luma said, belonged to her. The Lumas gave her everything. She loved them. But what she saw coming made her fear for them.

Rosalina saw Princess Peach coming in Bowsers warship. And she was coming straight for them. A Luma entered the room in a panic. "Rosalina!!!! Warships! We're being surrounded. What do we do?" Rosalina turned and approached him. Leaning down an caressing him. "Grab all your brothers and sisters and go into the bunkers below the observatory. I'm going to greet our guests. I'm sure things will be ok. Promise." The Luma bowed and ran out to collect the others.

Over the next hour she saw all of her adoptive children scurrying away. And when the last light flew by her to the saftey of the bunker it wasn't a moment too soon. The warship had docked and Peaches army was filing out. Rosalina floated to meet them. As she entered the space the army stood at ease. Rosalina floated through them to the warships entry and saw Peach standing in it. "Hello Princess...Or is it Empress Peach?" Said Rosalina as she looked her over her former friend. "Oh Rosalina. I've missed you. Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you or you little star children. I'm here for something else." Rosalina was hesitant but wanted to believe her former friend. "Then what have you come for?" Peach walked down the landing board until she was face to face with Rosalina. "Your wand. I know you use it to channel your own power. I can't afford power like that being able to stand against me. I take you wand. You and your children stay safe. Everyone wins." Said Peach as Rosalina pondered her words. She wasn't wishing war on her, nor was she guaranteeing peace. "If I give my wand to you, do you promise you'll leave us be?" Peach cackled. "Of course. You misunderstand whats happening here. I'm not here to intimidate. I'm building alliances. I want you part of my side. Yes I'm taking your wand. But I'm giving you this one." Peach snapped her fingers and Bowser approached carrying a box he handed to his Empress. She opened it and pulled out a new wand. The star head was smaller. And it had a brass casting at the bottom. "It also doubles as a pipe. I had my sorcerers whip it up for you. You'll have all the power you did before. But you wont be able to use it against me. And as a bonus if you come under threat you'll have the full power of my army to protect you. We girls have to stick together after all. Now what do you say? Do we have a deal?" Peach said as she held out the new wand to Rosalina. She looked down at her current wand. And then back to the observatory. She feared for her children as she turned back and offered up her wand to Peach. "Good girl Rosalina. I knew you were smart."

The two traded wands. Rosalina held her new one. It felt lighter then air. She could feel a strange magic about it. Tickling her fingers. Peach gave her smirk. "Not so bad is it? Why don't you try it out. Make sure it works well." The thought sounded good to Rosalina. She waved the wand over her head trying to generate some stars like she normally would for fun. But nothing happened. "I'm afraid it doesn't work." Said Rosalina. "Oh don't worry. It did." Said Peach as she pointed behind Rosalina.

She turned around to see what she was pointing at. She saw the Luma flying at her. They began to draw themselves into her. Each one absorbing itself into her body. She was terrified seeing her adoptive children disappearing inside of her. And soon that terror grew as her body began to change. She saw her nails growing sharp like a dragons claws. Her waist narrowed. Her hips growing large. Her breasts expanding larger then she'd ever dreamed. And just when she thought the Luma's would stop coming and the changes were over, a wave of Red Luma's began to come. They latched onto her body. They kept coming until nothing of her could be seen.

Peach walked around the mass of red Lumas that had enclosed around her friend. "Oh I do love this part." She said as she tapped Rosalina's wand on the mass and it exploded into a shower of black stars. Inside was a new Rosalina. She had been remade. Her silk gown was gone. A ribbed leather bustier and matching thong were all that covered her body. Matching cuffs and thigh high boots made her feel feel powerful. And a leather cape finished off her look. She took a drag from her wand. "I see why you wanted me to be this way Empress. I've never felt more alive. And now that I don't have those brats around maybe I can have some fun for a change." Peach looked her up and down. "You turned out better then I expected. And I want to celebrate. You said you wanted to have some fun. I brought you a new toy." Peach snapped her fingers as Bowser brought a tied and gagged Mario to her. "I've found myself with a taste for Koopa's these days. And I know you liked this one. Why don't you take him and have some fun. I'll be in touch soon. We have other worlds and kingdoms to reach out and conquer. But for now have some fun. Indulge those dark desires. I've never been happier since I did."

Rosalina bowed before the Empress and saved her wand as Mario was levitated and followed her out of the docks and into her chambers. For the first time in her life. She was truly getting to do what she wanted.

Tifa Vs Daisy, round 1 >… 

19 deviants said Playstation's Tifa Lockhart
10 deviants said Nintendo's Princess Daisy
First off I want to let you all know I have been extremely busy this past week and will be busy till mid week.
Because of this I have been slow on updates but hopefully that will all be coming to an end soon and normal update speed shall resume. ^^

First off will be the commissions, listed here so you know what's going on.


-2d art-
Tifa corrupted > Complete
Rosalina + corruption > Complete 1/1
Midna + corruption > Complete 1/1
Blake + corruption > inprogress
Lightning + corruption >
Terra + corruption >
Great Fairy >
Ruby >
Reserved 4 >
Private commission > Complete

-3d art-
Personia and Nina comic 1 city > in progress
Personia and Nina comic 2 swim >
Personia and Nina comic 3 bee >
Princesses BE > in progress
Princesses of Corruption > in progress
Lara Vs Peach > in progress
Onami's game part 4 > in progress

-Themed requests-
Last week's winner, Suki/avatar > complete

Previous winners > :iconprismblack91: with Fi by WorldofSolgamia :iconhighrollerhydra: with Tifa by WorldofSolgamia

This week's theme request is being moved to today as I'm away this weekend!
This weeks winning theme is..... Girls of Pokémon!
-The first one is that the request is themed each Week!
Whatever the theme is you get to pick a character from that theme for me to draw, which will then be posted up on my page only.
-Also it is first come/post first served.
I will not be posting around the same time each Sunday, it will be at random times on the day to take into account the different time zones.
- One last thing, if you win a request you can not enter again till the next month, just to keep it more fair.

So as soon as you see the journal go up just be the first to post a comment asking for the request and I'll take it from there! (No posting 'first' and nothing else ¬_¬) Just say that you would like the request and then we will note for info.

It will also depend on how busy I am to when the picture will be posted up.

Bonus for reading this far!
Second and third comments get to pick which console girl (one each) will be drawn in 2d next!


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jj3808 Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
Can't wait to see the outcomes of all these polls. Sometimes its hard to keep track of all the girls. lol.
WorldofSolgamia Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
Thank you!
Lorenzo2ization Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I had to buy Oni-brand clothing!… but too late
WorldofSolgamia Featured By Owner May 6, 2015
redsaber2020 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
Question? I love the pic of Personia, but is there a version of her where she's older so are you planning on doing that too?
WorldofSolgamia Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
I might do but not till after all the other girls have had their chance ^^
redsaber2020 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
I understand, I was just wondering is all.
Nyarx Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
Do you role play?
WorldofSolgamia Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
Only with RP pictures.
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Those don't last long though...
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